Welcome to the Hard Money Blog!

Beau Eckstein Hard Money Lender

Beau Eckstein Hard Money Lender

Hi, I'm Beau Eckstein and this is my hard money blog. I'd like to welcome you. Come in, sit down, relax, and learn about hard money: How to get it and how to use it.

I'm a hard money lender with over 16 years of real estate experience. I serve the San Francisco Bay Area and Nevada (chiefly Las Vegas and Reno).

My objectives for this website are to teach you what I know about hard money, house flips, and construction real estate projects and to help you find properties and loans that can help you build your real estate business.

Most of the blog posts I plan on publishing here will be mini video tutorials.

So, stay tuned, watch and learn. And if you have questions, click the “Contact Beau” button at the top of any page.

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