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Beau is a borrower's advocate who leverages his relationships with a wide array of lenders to connect investors with the capital source and program that best fits your needs. He works with private money funds, family offices, high-networth private placement lenders, and many other lending platforms.

He also offers ground-up construction loans and land loans. He can structure funds for developers and several bridge lending programs.

From Beau:

Are you a real estate investor? Do you need a construction loan? Or a bridge or commercial loan?

Or maybe you are looking for financing and managing a full ground-up construction project?

I can help you.

I’ve been in the real estate industry for nearly 20 years now.

I am the Managing Director of SFR Ventures, serving all of California, with a concentration in the thriving San Francisco Bay Area real estate market.

We specialize in hard money & construction loans.

I’m also a founding partner at Next Home Innovative, a full service real estate brokerage in Walnut Creek, CA.

Through these businesses, I have access to a wide network of real estate investors, finance sources, and hard money.

I love doing flips, renovations, and construction projects. In fact, in 2014, I was a featured investor on HGTV’s “Flip It to Win It,” where two-person teams competed with each other to see who could buy, build, and flip houses for the greatest profit.

A project I am working on at the moment is buying residential real estate out-of-state, rehabbing them, and then renting them out. This buy/hold/rent strategy allows me to build passive income while simultaneously expanding my networth.

My specialties include:

  • Hard Money Lending
  • Private Money Lending
  • Joint Ventures
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Construction Lending
  • Real Estate Sales
  • New Construction Sales & Marketing
  • Buy/Fix/Hold

If you are ever in need of construction, commercial, or hard money loans, give me a call at (925) 852-8261.

I look forward to helping you grow.

Or, you can contact me using the form immediately below:

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